Surpass 3000, 4000 요약정보 및 구매

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제조사 Dischem
원산지 USA
브랜드 Surpass 3000
모델 Surpass 3000, 4000

제품 상세설명



l  SurPass 3000 is mildly acidic (3.0-3.5) and contains a cleaning and surfactant package for enhanced performance.

l  SurPass 4000 is slightly alkaline (9.0-9.5) and contains no additives.


-       Improved resist and polymer adhesion on a broad range of substrate materials

-       Increased adhesion of evaporated metals to substrate materials

-       Reduced z-potential for improved coating properties

-       Replaces pre-wetting solvents

-       Improved wet chemical resistance

-       May eliminate the need for thermally matched glass

-   Eliminates need for substrate dehydration bake prior to resist coating
-   Non-Hazardous waterborne formulation. 
-   No VOC or hazardous breakdown products



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