LOR & PMGI 요약정보 및 구매

Lift-off Resistor & polydimethylglutarimide polymer

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제조사 KAYAKU ADVANCED MATERIALS (since MicroChem Corp.)
원산지 USA
브랜드 LOR, PMGI series
모델 LOR 0.5A~50A, 3B~50B, 5C~30C / PMGI SF 2~23, 4S~11S, SFG 2, 2S, 3, 3S

제품 기본설명

Lift-off Resistor & polydimethylglutarimide polymer

제품 상세설명

▣ Won’t intermix when over-coated with imaging resists

▣ Compatible with g, h, i-line, DUV, 193nm and E-beam resists.
▣ Superior adhesion to Si, NiFe, GaAs, InP and many other III-V materials.
▣ Single step development of bi-layer stack in TMAH, or KOH developers
▣ High thermal stability: Tg ~190 C
▣ Removes quickly and cleanly in conventional resist strippers
▣ Enables high yield, very thick (>3µm) metal lift-off processing
▣ Sub 0.25μm lift-off processing.
▣ Film thicknesses for depositions from <20nm - >5μm.
▣ Excellent conformal and/or planarizing formulation’s available.

▣ Optically transparent formulations available. 


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