mr-I 7000R & 8000R 요약정보 및 구매

제조사 MicroResist Technology
원산지 Germany
브랜드 mr-I 7000R & 8000R series
모델 mr-I 7010R~7030R, 8010R~8030R

제품 상세설명

Thermoplastic NIL resist

▷ Material Attributes

· Facilitated stamp separation due to integrated fluorinated additive

· 100% organic thermoplast → dry etching and stripping possible with pure oxygen plasma

· Polymer soluble in aceton and other common solvents → easy cleaning

· mr-I 7000R & 8000R contains a fluorinated additive for lowering the release force during stamp detachment.

  The additive-free basic imprint polymer mr-I 7000E & 8000E is available on request.


mr-I 7000R

low glass transition temperature (Tg = 55 °C) for low temperature imprints

mr-I 8000R

higher glass transition temperature (Tg = 115 °C) for increased pattern stability in subsequent processes

▷ Material Uses

· Fabrication of nanopatterns by pattern transfer for e.g High brightness LEDs

                                                                Photonic crystals

                                                                Patterned media

                                                                Nano-optical devices, subwavelength optical elements

                                                                Microfluidics, bio applications

                                                                Single layer lift-off


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