ma-P 1275G 요약정보 및 구매

Greyscale Positive Tone Photoresist

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제조사 MicroResist Technology
원산지 Germany
브랜드 ma-P series
모델 ma-P 1275, ma-P 1275 G, ma-P 1275 HV

제품 기본설명

Greyscale Positive Tone Photoresist

제품 상세설명


Unique features

– Film thickness up to 60 μm and higher
– High intensity laser exposure possible without outgassing
– 50 - 60 μm depth range of the patterns possible
– Aqueous alkaline development with TMAH based developers
– High stability in plating baths


Use of manufactured 3D patterns in micro-optics, MEMS and MOEMS, displays
Pattern transfer by
– electroplating
– etching 

– UV moulding 


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